image2St Martin de Porres obeyed his calling from God and the superiors in the Dominican Community. In obedience to God, he listened to what was expected of him by reading and reflecting on the Scriptures. All members of the guild are expected to read and reflect the scriptures as they their calling from God.


St Martin de Porres served all his brothers in the Dominican Community without reserve. He highlighted his understanding of service by ministering to his brothers and sisters in the communities around Lima, his home town. All members of the St Martin de Porres guild are expected to serve our brothers and sisters with special attention being rendered to the poor and the sick.


St Martin de Porres always spent a lot of time in the chapel when his duties were over. He prayed with the Scriptures and had a special love for the Divine Office. He had a special devotion to Our Lady and the Rosary,  believed to have been given to St Dominic. All the members of the guild are expected to have a very strong prayer life: attending retreats, recollections and workshops


image6St Martin de Porres led a very simple life in the Dominican Community. He was responsible for the livehood of many others. The members are reminded that in simplicity - they remain members of the bigger community. The needs of the Gospel come first before anything else.

The Rose in the Desert

Welcome to the St Martin de Porres Centre, Springs

100 2805 150x150The St Martin Centre in Springs is the home of the St Martin Apostolate, whose Mission it is to promote devotion to St Martin De Porres, Preach the Gospel, Encourage Prayer, and raise funds in support of the activities of the Dominican Order in South Africa. 

One of the Apostolate's primary functions is to promote  devotion to St Martin de Porres in Southern Africa, 

The people from the centre give advice and guidance on how to spread and live out the works of mercy emanating from the works of St Martin de Porres. The Dominican Order in South Africa assists in following the work of the friends of St Martin through collaboration with different Bishops, spiritual directors and parish priests.in variuos dioceses, 

The centre is responsible for visiting branches to give them support and motivation to carry on doing the great service to the poor, sick and needy.The centre is responsible for organising the annual celebration of St Martin de Porres feast day with all St Martin friends. The centre may initiate fund raising programmes to raise funds for the different services being offered through it and different branches.The centre offers prayers, Masses for the different requests and is also a resource centre for all the branches.

St Martin Guilds are active in Witbank, Volksrust,Escourt and in the Archdiocese of Durban

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The St Martin de Porres Centre is a Domincan (Order of Preachers) Initiative


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